Why Basic Essentials? Part 1

People ask me what Basic Essentials means. I tell them that after 27 years in practice, I decided I wanted to restore the doctor-patient relationship in my office. When I took my oath, it was to care for my patients to the best of my ability, not fill out endless forms just to get paid for services that may or may not benefit patients.

Why Basic Essentials? Part 2

Some Doctors offices may try to “pad” your bill with lots of “extra services insurance will pay for.” At our office, we don’t play the insurance game. Instead we Intentionally choose an approach that we feel will get you the best results in the least amount of time. In other words, all of what you need and none of what you don’t, it’s the Basic Essentials!

Comfortable Home Office Setting

We realize that many of our patients have already been through alot in terms of pain and discomfort. We will do what we can to keep you as comfortable as possible. Our unique home office has a comfortable family environment including a children’s area for our pediatric patients.

Affordable Care

Recently we made the decision to lower our overhead expenses by discontinuing all insurance participation and paperwork while simultaneously cut our fees to the “bare-bones.” Consequently, we can now offer a fee schedule that is affordable for virtually every budget! While our “competitors” may have to run specials to induce you to come into their offices, we have an Everyday Promise that your first visit will cost less than $100  – Guaranteed! This includes exam, x-rays, and treatment for the day! In addition, our basic office visit is $25, and we actually have our S.M.A.R.T patient status that saves you even more! Call our office for details. What’s the best part? No hidden fees at the end of the day or at the end of your care!

Fast Effective Techniques

What sets us apart from other area chiropractors is our diversity and selection of effective techniques. From very low-force cranial adjustments suitable for infants to posture-correcting Advanced Biostructural Correction adjustments, to gentle but effective Hands-on Chiropractic techniques, many of our patients feel significant relief after their first adjustment! Dr. Wade has hundreds of hours of postgraduate education on a multitude of techniques, and will select the best method suited to treat your spine most effectively!

Nutritional Support

When we accept you as a patient we review your case history and health goals and recommend nutrition that will amplify your clinical results. With 27 years of experience in the field, Dr. Wade has studied and chosen the safest and highest quality nutrition supplement lines and most effective formulations to improve his patient’s outcomes. His personal philosophy is that the most expensive nutritional supplement is the one that doesn’t work. With his vast experience he can help you avoid this common mistake.


Dr. Wade is very professional as well as compassionate. He wants to treat the complete person not just a specific need or injury. The treatment he prescribes may be difficult at first but completely effective!

Elaine W

Excellent care and atmosphere. Highly recommend anyone to go to Basic Essentials Spinal Care. I personally can say that the treatment I have received has greatly improved my overall mobility and pain relief.

Pamela B

When I walked into the office, I couldn’t barely walk. After seeing Dr. Wade, I was able to walk out, walk down the stairs and get into the car without help and have been able to go back to work!

Kimberly R

Always a good experience. Dr. Wade has kept me going since 2003. I have learned a lot from him about nutrition, exercise and over-all well-being. I look forward to my maintenance visit each month

Harold W